Casey and Charley

Family Pets


I’ve had Casey and Charley for almost 10 years now. Casey and Charley are both small dogs, Casey is 35 pounds Charley is 15 pounds. Both of the boys are bathed regularly and are up to date on their shots.

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Charley and Casey have been around little kids since they were puppies and have been socialized by my nieces and nephews and now my daughter.

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Charley and Casey will spend most of the day in a separate space away from the children so that they children can relax and be rambunctious. When we visit with the dogs the children will have a chance to practice being calm and gentle which will help them in their future interactions with animals. The dogs will occasionally join us for walks to the park and will sometimes come in for quiet visits with the little ones. The children will learn how to properly approach a dog and how to gently pet a dog. Older children will also benefit from their interactions as they will learn how to read a dogs body language and how to be safe when they meet dogs in public.

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