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I saw this post from iheartorganizing with this great DIY chalkboard table and I knew I had to have one for the daycare. Since the daycare is located in our home we are limited on space so having toys and equipment that do double duty is the way to go! My husband and I are currently upgrading our living space to be kid safe and kid friendly and so are doing a bunch of DIY projects to get ready. One thing I always think of is “how many ways can we use this?” That’s why we’ve opted for toys that can be changed now and then to be made “new” again.



This is probably the easiest DIY project on the to-do list, all you need is a coffee table, chalkboard paint and chalk or chalk pens. I am fortunate enough to have a mom (Linda Lock) who has her very own line of clay based paint (sometimes called chalk paint.) She has lovingly donated several tins for me to use for all our daycare projects. Her paint is awesome and so is she, you can check out her line of Cottage Paints here. For this project I used black cottage paint for the top and white for the legs though I think I’ll repaint the legs in teal to match with our Creature Cottage. Did I mention that cottage paint covers most surfaces (plastic, glass, metal, wood) and you don’t need to sand or prime first? Plus it barely has any smell or VOCs so I feel comfortable using it around my family.



I didn’t just want it to be a chalkboard surface because I thought it might be a bit messy to let the kids draw on but also I think it’s more interesting as a road map. I plan to change out the road map designs every few days to keep it fresh. It could be a city map, a park scene, an ocean… You can use regular chalk to draw your designs but I prefer Liquid Chalk Pens because the drawing doesn’t smudge but wipes off with a damp cloth. I used white today because Santa hasn’t delivered my natural coloured pens yet.


Happy DIYing everyone

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