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When I started looking into opening my own daycare I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I looked up things like “best toys for kids” and “cool kid rooms” and came across a bunch of things I would like to have in the daycare one of which is a reading nook. We knew we wanted to do something with the unused space under our stairs so we decided to turn that into a reading nook/playhouse. When my husband got in there we found out it was actually a really small space only 4×3 feet! Originally I wanted to make a playhouse like this cottage home with shingles from Joy to Journey but since our playhouse is only a bit bigger than a box so I had to adjust my plan.

We (Joe) started off by cutting a hole in the drywall for the door and putting drywall inside the nook. He added a few small shelves inside and painted the whole thing in an off white. We went to our local End of the Roll flooring store and bought an off cut piece of carpet from the “cat scratch” section and some underlay and installed it.

I used painters tape to outline the shape of a house to get an idea of the size I wanted and Joe cut the shape out of plywood. I tried out a few different colours and designs but couldn’t get the look I wanted to I painted it white for now. For the door that Joe made I chose my mom’s Teal colour from Cottage Paint and when I was down at her shop I found the perfect little decorative knob in teal and mustard.




We put a pressure locking hook to allow us to keep the door open if needed. To open you need to pull and lift the latch and we tested it out on some littles yesterday and it stopped 2 two year olds so I think it will do the trick.


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We added some house numbers and “Creature Cottage” sign and I think it’s looking close to finished! I feel like there might be something missing but I can’t decide what needs to be added so I’ll just think on it a while.



* Thank you for sending in this idea Linda- I love the little post box and window! Will have to do something like this!

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