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String Art 

“Create” Sign yarn on stained wood

strign art sign

String Art Sign

When I started to plan out how I wanted our daycare space to look I came across some cute ideas for a kids “art gallery” wall. I really liked the idea of a big sign that said create and I wanted two wires to hang the art the the children make. I found a few ideas on Pintrest that inspired me and I set out to make my own sign from there.

For the Create sign I decided I would make a string art piece with some left over yarn that my mom gave me for crafts. You can’t really tell from the photo but I used mustard yellow and turquoise blue wool over darkly stained wood that my husband put together for me. The sign itself is 4.5 feet long and about 1 foot high.

create 2small

String Art Materials 

– wood (stained, painted or natural)

– A box of finishing nails (I used close to 500)

– Hammer

– String or yarn .I used less than one large ball of yarn but if you use a fine string you will need more to fill in the sign.

How to Make Your Own String Art

I looked online to see what other string art signs were out there and there are many options to chose from. You can put the string on the outside of the letters or the inside. You can string the yarn in geometric designs or in random directions. You can use one colour, several colours randomly or you can create an ombre effect. Then you have to pick a font, many signs used block letters but I decided to go with a cursive font. *TIP if you chose a cursive font like I did, I suggest you make the letters thicker because I found that the narrow font I chose doesn’t show up as well as I would have liked.

string art collage

How to Make Your Own Sign

– Chose your colours and buy the appropriate thick thread or wool

– Chose the font you like. If you are comfortable hand drawing the letters you can do that or you can print off the words you like. You can print each letter on one sheet of paper or use photoshop to size out each letter.

– Place your letters on your wood and hammer a few nails into the paper on the lines of the letter to keep your paper from moving.

– Hammer in your nails in regular intervals. I spaced my nails about 1 cm apart along the outline of the letters and about 2 inches apart for the border

– Once you have placed all your nails you can simply tear the paper off

– Now for the fun part. I chose to use each nail on the border as the centre point to thread the yarn out to all the nails I could reach in a straight line. There are many different ways you can do this so just have fun with it and keep winding the yarn until you feel like you are done and the sign is filled in enough for your taste.

*TIP push the thread to the base of the nail hard up against the wood, so you can weave enough threads on each nail.

*TIP I found that using more than one colour of yarn made my sign harder to read, if I redo the string I will probably do the whole thing in one colour

Nail Your Letters to Your Sign

create 5small

Place Nails at Regular Intervals 

creat 4 small

Weave Your String or Yarn

create3 small

create small

All in all this wasn’t a difficult project but it did take a few hours to complete. I plan to try out some string art with the daycare kids but on a smaller scale. I’ll get the kids to pick the word or picture and I’ll help them place their nails, give them the yarn and let them go for it!

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