Cardboard Box Playhouse 3

Cardboard Box Playhouse


Cardboard Box Playhouse

I just love cardboard crafts because you end up with a pretty cool toy and all you need is a bunch of scraps that you were going to get rid of anyway! We bought a carseat and got a big cardboard box with it and so yet again I took to Pintrest for pinspiration. I found a few really cute cardboard box houses and took my favourite parts, put them together and added a few of my own details.

I loved these houses from A Beautiful Mess. I decided to make shingles for the room and windows inspired by these. I also really like the wrapping paper covering but I didn’t have any on hand.


I wanted to make the playhouse only from materials we already had lying around.


– Large cardboard box

– Scrap cardboard piece for mailbox, tree, chimney, roof shingles

– Construction paper for leaves, door covering, scalloped shingles

– Clear tape to attach the shingles and large pieces

– Hot glue to fix window trim, tree, fence and mailbox on

– tempera paint to colour the shutters

                              IMG_0240      IMG_0259      IMG_0250

I had a lot of fun making this little playhouse though it did take a few hours to complete and so far Grace is too young to enjoy it but little Charley thinks it’s a great place to hide out. My niece and my neighbours daughter both had fun with it but judging by the wear and tear it sustained from only two visits I don’t think it will last all to long. Ah well, that just means I get to make another one! I think the next one will be covered and about twice as big. Maybe like this one from Marie Claire Ideas. How cute it this?


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