Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids

April Themed Snacks

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Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids

As part of our April theme: April Showers, we did a rainbow themed snack. In an earlier post I showed how I dyed pasta noodles for our sensory bin, at that time I set aside some of the pasta to freeze and some to use for snack.

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The steps to dying pasta are very simple 

– Cook your pasta noodles

– Portion your noodles out into ziplock bags

– Add food colouring drops

– Seal and shake your bags to distribute dye

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From there you can summon your inner foodie and add whatever ingredients your heart desires. I was making this salad for kids so I added small bite sized chopped vegetables and kept the dressing simple. For an adult crowd you might want to add a bit of a stronger flavour perhaps cilantro (coriander for my in-laws), pepper, chilli flakes for example.

Kid’s Rainbow Pasta Salad ingredients:¬†

– Rainbow coloured pasta noodles al dente

– finely chopped carrots

– chopped kale

– chopped tomato

– chopped cucumber

– olive oil & balsamic vinegar

The little I served this too said the noodles were delicious but he wasn’t really into the sauce. I think in the future I might add a kid approved salad dressing such as the ever popular ranch dressing. What do you think moms and caregivers out there?

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