Banana Sushi Rolls 1

Banana Sushi Rolls

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Banana Sushi Rolls for Kids

Another simple and quick snack for kids. This snack is easy to make, nutritious, bite sized and delicious! I actually make these for myself! When making a daycare snack I include at least 2 food groups, these little rolls are great because they include a protein, fruit and carbohydrate. There are a variety of ways to put these together, I like the simple peanut butter & almond version best but it’s nice to mix things up.




– Tortilla wraps

-Sliced almonds

– Peanut butter

* Variations: / coconut shavings / raisons / oatmeal / rice crispies / nut butter / nutella


How to make Banana Sushi

1- Spread a thin layer of peanut butter or other nut butter spread on your tortilla wrap. Spread the peanut butter to the edge of the wrap to help the roll stay together.

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2- Place the banana on one edge of the wrap and sprinkle your crushed nuts, coconut shavings or raisons on your wrap

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3- Tightly roll your banana in your wrap and slice into equal sized pieces about 1″ thick (about the size of a california roll)

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