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The general theme for June is Bugs! Included in this theme or related to it are Insects, Spiders and other Creepy Crawlers. As time goes on I will continue to add to this post as we I think of more activities that might fit well.

Bug collection

What bug theme would be complete without a bug collection? My husband thinks it’s a bid odd and a bit gross but when I was at UBC I took an entomology course that required a bug collection. At first I was also grossed out but it turned out to be kind of fun. I was rather proud of my final collection! I picked up this little bug trap and we’ve begun our search. We are collecting live bugs for observation and release and finding the less fortunate ones to add to our collection.

Thus far we have found a wood bug, a big ant, a large and small fly and a spider’s exoskeleton.



bugs books

We already have a few bug type books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar being one of the popular ones, however it’s always nice to have an excuse to take a trip to the local library to pick out some new books! The two littles and I walked to the Library and timed it- only 17 min each way, not bad!

Of the titles above I enjoyed The Slug & Insect Detective the most because they are entertaining enough for young kids while remaining informative and scientific. The Weird Insect book is also a fun book to flip through and look at the awesome photos but the writing is geared towards an older crowd.



A very hungry caterpillar lunch for baby: Grapes, raisons, chicken, broccoli and cheese. Yum Yum

Bug Sensory Play / Plastic animalsĀ 


Sensory bin filled with bark and lots of plastic critters for sensory play and for plastic models to go with our bug stories

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