Sharpie Scribble Mugs- Father’s and Mother’s Day Craft

Sharpie Scribble Mug


Father’s day or Mother’s day craft

I came across these cute mugs online and thought that they would make a great easy craft for any kid who can hold a felt. I even got the two 1-year-old babies involved though I couldn’t leave them for a second with the permanent markers and they needed a fair bit of help but they got in there and did some scribbling of their own. 3 mugs in and I only ended up with a few marks on my hand and on the table : )

You’ll Need: 

– Permanent markers $2-$25- I love Sharpie felts in 80’s glam colours, I’ve been eying them for a while and finally got a set!

– Stickers 1$- I picked up these letter sticker sheets from the dollar store just make sure that the letters are cut out to show the insides of each letter and not just the outline.

– Mugs $2 or plates or other white ceramic item- I also found these simple white mugs at the dollar store

– Oven

How to do it: 

– Wash and thoroughly dry your mugs. You’ll need a clean dry surface for the stickers and felts to adhere to

– Line up your stickers and try to get the word centred on your mug


– Get the kids to scribble with the permanent markers over the word. You might need to go over it again to make sure the entire sticker is covered to leave a good negative image


– Let the felt dry then remove the stickers. Sign and date the back.

– Bake your mugs in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes to help seal the felt.


* Although the baking makes the design more permanent it’s a good idea to hand wash your mug to keep your image in good shape!


J put his own spin on the mug design and came up with these two beauties. I had to help with the letters because they didn’t show up very well. I think they turned out great!



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