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Preschool Curriculum by Mothergoose Time

Curriculum Package

I am so excited that our new preschool curriculum package has arrived in the mail! Starting in September 2015 we will be doing a preschool curriculum on a trial basis. Mothergoose is a program that I heard of from my friend at Peach Tree Daycare in White Rock. I have had a chance to look through the box and to begin setting up and so far I can say that I am impressed and excited to get started! The program comes in a monthly package that contains teacher information and day by day curriculum that includes circle time, activities, music, reading suggestions and much more. This program gives a structured and systematic approach to teaching preschool that allows the teacher to spend time teaching and enhancing learning activities rather than time planning.

This September’s Theme is Friends and Feelings. The colour is Blue, the shape is a Circle, the letter starts with Ff and the numbers are 1 & 2


The Students

Some of our youngsters are too little to understand the monthly themes and concepts but they will no doubt benefit from early exposure to the classroom routines, group activities, letters, numbers and ideas. And of course the youngest will enjoy the music, games and art projects. The older students will gain a gradual introduction to pre-reading skills and mathematical skills as well as an introduction to the structure, flow and transitions they will encounter when in school. They will also get experience working in groups, sitting for periods of time to work on an activity and following instructions from a teacher.


Jumping Off Point

The curriculum has enough ideas to provide activities for a full day of preschool. Some activities are sit down activities such as games, arts and crafts and some activities are suggestions for how to incorporate the theme and main concepts into active play and outdoor play. This package is a great all included program but it can also be a jumping off point. Read through the activities and choose those that inspire you and those that work well with the group of children you have then use the materials and resources you already have to enhance and personalize the learning experience. For example you may have toys and books that fit nicely with the monthly theme that you can add to your daily activities.¬†And if you’re like us you likely get through several books each day so visit the library and find a big selection of books that work with your theme.


I have to admit I am inspired by this curriculum and really excited to start using it. I am also lucky to have a supportive husband who doesn’t mind me turning our entire house into my own classroom!

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