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Daycare Bathroom

bathroom collage

kid friendly set-up 

Kid friendly bathroom 

I’m sure this will sound silly to some but I am really excited about the new bathroom accessories that are now in place. It’s taken some time running the daycare to see what things work well and what things could be improved and the bathroom was one area that needed a little fine tuning. No doubt I will change things again and again as I continue with this adventure but here’s the current system.

Baby/toddler change station

This is definitely the focal point of our tiny room and I don’t know how I would function without it. One of the licensing regulations requires a change station next to a source of running water but with such a small room there was no way to have a typical change table on the floor. I had the option of a change pad that I would use on the floor but that would be a pain to crouch down and change diapers up to 20x a day. We considered building a wall mounted unit and then I did a forehead slap as I remembered that someone has already done the hard work of creating a wall mounted change table and so I went to Amazon and ordered myself one. There are a variety of designs but this one by Koala care is horizontal and fits our space better than the vertical designs. This is one of the most pricey items we picked up for the daycare but it has been worth every penny! In fact before this I used to take my baby upstairs every time she needed a change.

change station

On the left wall I have a basket for all my baby creams, sunscreen and disinfectant spray. I placed the basket up high and out of reach of the children but close at hand for me to use without taking my hand of the child on the change table. Beside the basket is one of my favourite things: a wall mounted tablet. The tablet is filled with baby songs and toddler apps. The apps are all very kid friendly; finger painting, interactive nursery rhymes, alphabet games, animal sounds etc. During daycare hours the tablet is only used to play music to distract the children during diaper changes.

Above the table I have another basket filled with diapers, one row for each child and to the right I mounted wipes containers right to the wall using drywall plugs and screws. I LOVE having the wipes on the wall, it’s so great to be able to take out the wipes without having the box slide around or the wipe get stuck.

Below we have a diaper genie for clean diaper disposal and a closed garbage bin with a foot pedal.

Below to the left is a mini towel rack with individual hand towels for each child.

The toilet

toilet seats

The new additions to the toilet are the wrap around step stool from Amazon and the soft close toilet seat with built in potty seat. We used to have only the one step stool that needed to be moved from the toilet to the sink and back and now we have this great, albeit huge, step stool. The stool helps to make the child feel more secure climbing up onto the toilet and allows them to put their feet to the side and have support rather than to let their feet dangle. Our old toilet seat was soft closing and we didn’t want to lose that feature so we looked for a toilet seat that was soft closing but with the child’s potty seat built in. Before this we had a potty seat that sat on top of the adult toilet seat but it was a bit wobbly and not great for inspiring confidence. This one doesn’t shift side to side, it has a magnet to keep it fixed to the lid and it is removable for when you no longer need it.

We do have a floor potty available but with limited floor space it’s not ideal. There are a few other arguments against the potty. Some people think that using a potty can lead the child to fear using a full sized toilet because they don’t have practice using the toilet and hearing the sound of the flush. There’s also the issue of not having access to a potty when you leave the house to go to a friend’s house or to a restaurant. Lastly they aren’t fun to keep clean. With the littles interested in everything and with their possibility of putting hands on those things everything in the bathroom has to be clean and disinfected. That means that the potty has to be emptied, rinsed cleaned and disinfected after each use. Using the toilet is much faster and much cleaner over all however we do have the floor potty if needed.

The sink 

sink setup

We have a turtle step stool to help the kids reach the sink and it was working for us alright but the most of the kids still couldn’t reach the soap or the water so I had to hold them up when they washed their hands. I bought a wall mounted soap dispenser and installed it low enough for the toddlers to reach. To help them with the sink I bought a aqueduck handle adapter and a crab faucet extender. The duck handle allows the shorter kids to turn on and off the water by themselves and the crab moves the stream of water further forward so they can rinse their own hands. These simple adaptations make hand washing much easier and helps to build self confidence.

Disinfectant Spray

  • 1 half teaspoon Bleach
  • 1 Litre Water
  • Kills most surface germs
  • No need to rinse off

The disinfectant spray we use is the solution recommended by the health department. It’s a simple make yourself solution of diluted bleach that you prepare daily. Find a 1 litre container (I use a thermos) so you don’t have to measure out the water each time. Use a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon to add the correct amount of bleach. The solution will degrade and is meant to be mixed each day but you can know it is still active if you can still smell the bleach in the spray. The solution can be used on hard surfaces such as plastic or wooden toys as well as on counters, taps, floors and change stations. This solution can also be used to disinfect dishes after washing if you don’t have a high heat dishwasher machine. The surface does NOT need to be rinse off after the solution has dried. Once mixed, transfer the solution to mini spray bottles and keep one in each bathroom and next to the kitchen sink. Be sure to keep them out of reach of children because though safe when dried they are definitely not safe to drink. The same can be said about hand soap and dish soap. Disinfectant should be used for: food prep surfaces, eating surfaces, common hard surfaces, bathroom surfaces before and after use. This solution is low level and safe for baby teething toys and cutlery. Click this link for other mixing ratios and strengths.

To use:

Make sure the surface is clean, wash the object/surface with soap and water

Rinse off the soapy water

Spray on the bleach solution and allow it to air dry


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2 thoughts on “Daycare Bathroom for Kids

  • linda

    Good question I had the same problem, now I actually buy a bleach spray solution and when it’s empty I use it for my solution. The change table isn’t cute BUT it’s not much worse than the typical floor ones. You could cut out a patch of the drywall and make it a recessed / sunken in table OR you could look on Amazon, they sell sleek wooden wall mounted change stations.

  • melissa

    Any suggestions for spray bottles that won’t be ruined by the bleach solution? Mine always rust so quickly! Love the idea of spraying the dishes and allowing them to air dry… so many practical solutions. Love it! Any way to camouflage that diaper changing station? My spouse would never go for that 🙁 but it would be a great solution for my bathroom space.