Currently interviewing children 3.5 and older

Little Creatures Family Daycare is a family daycare located on 58 A Ave and 180 A st in Cloverdale Surrey

Services Offered

I offer full day daycare for children aged 1-5. I am located 3 blocks from the Langley Meadows Elementary School and can do drop off and pick up.


Daycare Environment

When designing my daycare play space I thought of the type of places I liked to play when I was a kid. I loved to play in forts and in nature so we added play houses, cozy areas, places to climb and places to hide out. I love to change the toy arrangement and outside elements to surprise the children and invite them to play with familiar objects in new ways, to promoting creativity and open ended play. 

Inside Play Space

The daycare is within our living space, it is bright and clean. The children have full access to the main floor of the house and the nap room upstairs. The main floor has a playroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. My aim is to keep the space feeling warm and inviting, like a home rather than a centre. We have a large variety of toys and craft materials and I use a toy rotation system to keep the area organized and interesting. We have hundreds of children’s books, a variety of puzzles, figurines, toy animals, cars, blocks, play kitchen and accessories and other toys.


Outside Play Space

We have daily outside playtime in all weather conditions. My backyard is fully fenced and has a large grass area, a paved area with rain cover, a toy shed / playhouse and a variety of plants and trees. The space is designed with a variety of natural elements and creative areas to stimulate imaginative play. The backyard has many natural elements and a large selection of “loose parts” and plastic animals for open ended play. We love to add water to our play time and have water tables and buckets that we use most days (including through the winter season.) We have recently moved and are still working on adding various elements for the kids.



Safety is a top priority when looking after precious little ones and with a baby in the house we have had time to properly baby-proof our space. Cupboards, drawers, closets and appliances have safety locks and hazardous materials are stored up high behind locked doors. There are gates throughout and the space is free of toys that pose a choking risk. The backyard is fully fenced. There are fire extinguishers, first aid kits and hard wired smoke / carbon monoxide detectors. An emergency plan is in place and we practice monthly fire drills. Myself and my husband both have our current First Aid and CPR training and recent criminal record checks. The daycare has been inspected and we are properly insured with liability insurance to cover the daycare children.


Parks and Playgrounds

I am located on a quiet street at the end of a partial cul-de-sac. We are walking distance from the Martha Currie Elementary school. We make frequent visits to our local parks for nature exploration, gross motor development and a change or scenery.


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