DIY Kid Toys

Why buy toys when you can make your own?

Cardboard Box Playhouse 3

Cardboard Box Playhouse Cardboard Box Playhouse I just love cardboard crafts because you end up with a pretty cool toy and all you need is a bunch of scraps that you were going to get rid of anyway! We bought a carseat and got a big cardboard box with it and so yet again I took to Pintrest for pinspiration. I found a few really cute cardboard box houses and took my favourite parts, put […]

Chalkboard Table with Road Map 4

  DIY CHALKBOARD TABLE I saw this post from iheartorganizing¬†with this great DIY chalkboard table and I knew I had to have one for the daycare. Since the daycare is located in our home we are limited on space so having toys and equipment that do double duty is the way to go! My husband and I are currently upgrading our living space to be kid safe and kid friendly and so are doing a […]