Kid Spaces

Small World Play

Small World Play   Imaginative Play Small worlds First off I want to say that I’m loving the beautiful weather we’re having these past two days! Though we have managed to get outside to play every day this winter (rain, snow and slush) I can’t deny that I LOVE the sunny weather! This post is about small world imaginative play. Again the internet has a way of labelling everyday childhood experiences so that we can […]

Daycare Bathroom for Kids 2

Daycare Bathroom kid friendly set-up  Kid friendly bathroom  I’m sure this will sound silly to some but I am really excited about the new bathroom accessories that are now in place. It’s taken some time running the daycare to see what things work well and what things could be improved and the bathroom was one area that needed a little fine tuning. No doubt I will change things again and again as I continue with […]

May Flowers & Gardening 2

May Theme May is all about flowers! This is a late post but I wanted to share what we were up to this past month. Out theme for may included the topics of seeds, seedlings, plants, gardens and flowers. Growing Plants and Gardening We started off our theme by exploring the miniature world of baby plants. Nan Jan and I bought a variety of vegetable seeds: cucumber, radish, swiss chard, carrots, lettuce, peas and beans. […]

Natural Play Spaces 5

Natural Play Spaces We knew we wanted to have sand in the backyard and spent time trying to decide if we would have a sand box or a sand pit. The sandbox was appealing because we could cover it and keep the sand dry but I also liked the idea of a larger pit that could be deeper to allow for digging and more creativity.  Another benefit to a sandpit rather than a box is […]

Playing in the dirt – Natural play spaces 1

Natural Play Spaces Playing in the dirt  When designing the backyard playspace I wanted to incorporate lots of natural elements and places for open ended play. For a description of open ended play you can read more from the Playground Professionals. Essentially open ended materials allow children to come up with their own uses and ideas and encourage them to be creative. This is in contrast with more “high tech” toys that have one clearly […]

Creature Cottage- Reading Nook Under the Stairs 1

READING NOOK Under the Stairs Fort When I started looking into opening my own daycare I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I looked up things like “best toys for kids” and “cool kid rooms” and came across a bunch of things I would like to have in the daycare one of which is a reading nook. We knew we wanted to do something with the unused space under our stairs so we decided to turn […]