Photographing Your Family

Get Your Kids to Look at the Camera 2

5 Tips to: Get Your Child to Look at the Camera Once you’ve got the hang of Using Distractions to Photograph you Children you might find it difficult to get little babies to look at the camera. Again these tips are fairly common sense but it did take me some time before I was good at this so I thought I’d share my tricks with you. * Experienced photographers will already know this but you […]

Using Distractions to Photograph Kids

Using Distractions to Get Better Pictures of Your Kids       Kids can be difficult to photograph, they are often not interested in sitting still for extended periods and they don’t like all the attention. I come from a huge family and I love photographing my nieces and nephews but over the years I have had to resort to all kinds of tricks to get the pictures I wanted.   Several years ago I […]