DIY Arts and Crafts

Sharpie Scribble Mugs- Father’s and Mother’s Day Craft

Sharpie Scribble Mug   Father’s day or Mother’s day craft I came across these cute mugs online and thought that they would make a great easy craft for any kid who can hold a felt. I even got the two 1-year-old babies involved though I couldn’t leave them for a second with the permanent markers and they needed a fair bit of help but they got in there and did some scribbling of their own. […]

String Art Sign- “Create” 1

String Art  “Create” Sign yarn on stained wood String Art Sign When I started to plan out how I wanted our daycare space to look I came across some cute ideas for a kids “art gallery” wall. I really liked the idea of a big sign that said create and I wanted two wires to hang the art the the children make. I found a few ideas on Pintrest that inspired me and I set out […]