Invitation to play

An invitation to play or a play prompt refers to setting out toys, activities, materials and the like, to spark interest in a passing child and thereby inviting them to play!

Small World Play

Small World Play   Imaginative Play Small worlds First off I want to say that I’m loving the beautiful weather we’re having these past two days! Though we have managed to get outside to play every day this winter (rain, snow and slush) I can’t deny that I LOVE the sunny weather! This post is about small world imaginative play. Again the internet has a way of labelling everyday childhood experiences so that we can […]

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin 1

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin Dried Pasta    It’s April and here at Little Creatures Family Daycare we’re exploring the theme April Showers and what follows after rain? Rainbows of course! There are many ways to incorporate rainbows into your themed activities from snacks, arts and here, sensory bins. This was my first sensory bin and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. It was also a very simple bin to start off with. […]

Sensory Play for Toddlers

SENSORY PLAY FOR TODDLERS If you’re on Pintrest then you have probably seen a plethora of pins about sensory activities. I myself have a large collection of pins that I can’t wait to try out. PBS has an article explaining the importance of sensory activities for children and some information on what sensory play involves. The basic idea of sensory play is to engage the senses. Most of the sensory activities I have come across involve the sense of […]