Kid Friendly Snacks

Small snacks and meals geared towards young children; babies (0-1) toddlers (1-3) preschoolers (4-5)

June Bugs 3

  JUNE THEME The general theme for June is Bugs! Included in this theme or related to it are Insects, Spiders and other Creepy Crawlers. As time goes on I will continue to add to this post as we I think of more activities that might fit well. Bug collection What bug theme would be complete without a bug collection? My husband thinks it’s a bid odd and a bit gross but when I was […]

Cheerios Necklace- Fine Motor Craft & Snack 4

Cheerios Necklace As a mom, a teacher and a daycare provider I find it interesting to read up on pre kindergarten or kindergarten readiness skills. These skills are the things that a child should be able to do or should be working towards doing, as they are preparing to enter school. These skills cover many areas: social, emotional, math, reading readiness, writing readiness, gross motor and fine motor. There are many resources available online if you […]

Banana Sushi Rolls 1

Banana Sushi Rolls   Banana Sushi Rolls for Kids Another simple and quick snack for kids. This snack is easy to make, nutritious, bite sized and delicious! I actually make these for myself! When making a daycare snack I include at least 2 food groups, these little rolls are great because they include a protein, fruit and carbohydrate. There are a variety of ways to put these together, I like the simple peanut butter & […]

Mini Pancake Muffins 1

Easy Pancake Mini Muffins Mini Pancake Muffins These super easy mini muffins are a great snack to make ahead and grab on the go. These are so simple you’ll be making a batch every time you make pancakes up for breakfast. These snacks are quick to make and perfect for little hands. Just set aside a little extra pancake batter when you’re doing breakfast and fill your cupcake tin 3/4 full. Bake in the oven […]

Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids

April Themed Snacks Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids As part of our April theme: April Showers, we did a rainbow themed snack. In an earlier post I showed how I dyed pasta noodles for our sensory bin, at that time I set aside some of the pasta to freeze and some to use for snack. The steps to dying pasta are very simple  – Cook your pasta noodles – Portion your noodles out into ziplock […]

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bites for Toddlers

Easy Snack for Toddlers Frozen Yogurt Bites The title says it all, this is a very simple snack that is quick to prepare. It takes about 5 minutes to make the yogurt bites and about 45 minutes to freeze (depending on how cold your freezer is and the size of your dots.) When choosing daycare snacks I look for a few key features. I aim to serve snacks that are: – Healthy and nutritious with at least […]

Toddler Tasting Trays 1

TODDLER TASTING TRAYS If you know Jamie Oliver then you probably know about his food revolution. I’m not in any way being paid by Jamie Oliver I just love him : ) There’s an episode where Jamie brings fresh fruit and vegetables to a group of young children to demonstrate that many of them didn’t know where their favourite foods came from. This episode inspired me to hold a food tasting day for my grade […]