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Art projects for young children

Painting with a 1 Year Old

Painting   With a One Year Old  Arts and Crafts  I love to do arts and crafts as an adult and had more opportunities to play with art than most children do. My mom is an artist (creator and teacher) and we were exposed to many different mediums as kids. We painted with water colours, acrylic paints, oil paint is every colour imaginable. We used pencils, charcoal, chalk, pen and ink, pencil crayons, pastels. We worked […]

Sharpie Scribble Mugs- Father’s and Mother’s Day Craft

Sharpie Scribble Mug   Father’s day or Mother’s day craft I came across these cute mugs online and thought that they would make a great easy craft for any kid who can hold a felt. I even got the two 1-year-old babies involved though I couldn’t leave them for a second with the permanent markers and they needed a fair bit of help but they got in there and did some scribbling of their own. […]

June Bugs 3

  JUNE THEME The general theme for June is Bugs! Included in this theme or related to it are Insects, Spiders and other Creepy Crawlers. As time goes on I will continue to add to this post as we I think of more activities that might fit well. Bug collection What bug theme would be complete without a bug collection? My husband thinks it’s a bid odd and a bit gross but when I was […]

Cheerios Necklace- Fine Motor Craft & Snack 4

Cheerios Necklace As a mom, a teacher and a daycare provider I find it interesting to read up on pre kindergarten or kindergarten readiness skills. These skills are the things that a child should be able to do or should be working towards doing, as they are preparing to enter school. These skills cover many areas: social, emotional, math, reading readiness, writing readiness, gross motor and fine motor. There are many resources available online if you […]