Running a Home Daycare

Mini Pancake Muffins 1

Easy Pancake Mini Muffins Mini Pancake Muffins These super easy mini muffins are a great snack to make ahead and grab on the go. These are so simple you’ll be making a batch every time you make pancakes up for breakfast. These snacks are quick to make and perfect for little hands. Just set aside a little extra pancake batter when you’re doing breakfast and fill your cupcake tin 3/4 full. Bake in the oven […]

Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids

April Themed Snacks Rainbow Pasta Salad for Kids As part of our April theme: April Showers, we did a rainbow themed snack. In an earlier post I showed how I dyed pasta noodles for our sensory bin, at that time I set aside some of the pasta to freeze and some to use for snack. The steps to dying pasta are very simple  – Cook your pasta noodles – Portion your noodles out into ziplock […]

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin 1

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin Dried Pasta    It’s April and here at Little Creatures Family Daycare we’re exploring the theme April Showers and what follows after rain? Rainbows of course! There are many ways to incorporate rainbows into your themed activities from snacks, arts and here, sensory bins. This was my first sensory bin and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. It was also a very simple bin to start off with. […]

Easy Frozen Yogurt Bites for Toddlers

Easy Snack for Toddlers Frozen Yogurt Bites The title says it all, this is a very simple snack that is quick to prepare. It takes about 5 minutes to make the yogurt bites and about 45 minutes to freeze (depending on how cold your freezer is and the size of your dots.) When choosing daycare snacks I look for a few key features. I aim to serve snacks that are: – Healthy and nutritious with at least […]

Toddler Tasting Trays 1

TODDLER TASTING TRAYS If you know Jamie Oliver then you probably know about his food revolution. I’m not in any way being paid by Jamie Oliver I just love him : ) There’s an episode where Jamie brings fresh fruit and vegetables to a group of young children to demonstrate that many of them didn’t know where their favourite foods came from. This episode inspired me to hold a food tasting day for my grade […]

Sensory Play for Toddlers

SENSORY PLAY FOR TODDLERS If you’re on Pintrest then you have probably seen a plethora of pins about sensory activities. I myself have a large collection of pins that I can’t wait to try out. PBS has an article explaining the importance of sensory activities for children and some information on what sensory play involves. The basic idea of sensory play is to engage the senses. Most of the sensory activities I have come across involve the sense of […]

Natural Play Spaces 5

Natural Play Spaces We knew we wanted to have sand in the backyard and spent time trying to decide if we would have a sand box or a sand pit. The sandbox was appealing because we could cover it and keep the sand dry but I also liked the idea of a larger pit that could be deeper to allow for digging and more creativity.  Another benefit to a sandpit rather than a box is […]

Playing in the dirt – Natural play spaces 1

Natural Play Spaces Playing in the dirt  When designing the backyard playspace I wanted to incorporate lots of natural elements and places for open ended play. For a description of open ended play you can read more from the Playground Professionals. Essentially open ended materials allow children to come up with their own uses and ideas and encourage them to be creative. This is in contrast with more “high tech” toys that have one clearly […]

String Art Sign- “Create” 1

String Art  “Create” Sign yarn on stained wood String Art Sign When I started to plan out how I wanted our daycare space to look I came across some cute ideas for a kids “art gallery” wall. I really liked the idea of a big sign that said create and I wanted two wires to hang the art the the children make. I found a few ideas on Pintrest that inspired me and I set out […]

Creature Cottage- Reading Nook Under the Stairs 1

READING NOOK Under the Stairs Fort When I started looking into opening my own daycare I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I looked up things like “best toys for kids” and “cool kid rooms” and came across a bunch of things I would like to have in the daycare one of which is a reading nook. We knew we wanted to do something with the unused space under our stairs so we decided to turn […]