Painting with a 1 Year Old

Painting   With a One Year Old  Arts and Crafts  I love to do arts and crafts as an adult and had more opportunities to play with art than most children do. My mom is an artist (creator and teacher) and we were exposed to many different mediums as kids. We painted with water colours, acrylic paints, oil paint is every colour imaginable. We used pencils, charcoal, chalk, pen and ink, pencil crayons, pastels. We worked […]

Casey and Charley

Family Pets   I’ve had Casey and Charley for almost 10 years now. Casey and Charley are both small dogs, Casey is 35 pounds Charley is 15 pounds. Both of the boys are bathed regularly and are up to date on their shots.        Charley and Casey have been around little kids since they were puppies and have been socialized by my nieces and nephews and now my daughter.           Charley […]