Helpful Links

Here are a few links that you may find useful

Child Health & Development


Kindergarten Readiness 

Get ready to has a PDF downloadable checklist of skills that are helpful to work on as your child approaches kindergarten

Leap frog also has a short list of kindergarten skills to work on

Here is another list

Langley Child Development Centre

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, perhaps you wonder “is my child on track?” them you should call the LCDC. They provide information, evaluations and referrals. They are a really great resource and wonderful group of people.

BC Government Digital Resources

Help your child prepare for Kindergarten with this digital handbook full of information and tips.

Refer to this book (PDF) Toddlers First Steps for information on your child’s development.

Common Childhood Illnesses 

For a PDF copy of the list of Common Childhood Illnesses please visit the BC Centre for Disease Control. Here you will find a helpful list of common childhood illnesses, information about each illness, the infectious period and how they are spread. If you suspect your child is ill or has been exposed to a communicable illness refer to this handbook for more information and consult your doctor.

Kids Health

website with resources about health and wellness targeted at the younger audience but with information for parents too. Topics include: the body, puberty, cooking, safety, illness etc. A place for self guided or parent guided learning.

8-1-1 24 hour access to a Nurse or Pharmacist

If you have a question for a healthcare provider and would like some medical advice you can call 8-1-1 for HealthLink BC Services and Resources 24/7 to speak with a nurse or a pharmacist.

Family Fun 

There’s lots to do with your family in Langley, check out the Langley Leisure Guide online to see what fun is to be had.

There are also so many things to do in Surrey, visit this website for ideas for what you can do in surrey, a list of parks and places to go.

Your Childcare Needs

Facebook Resources 

Facebook has a group called Langley Childcare/ Childminding Group where childcare providers can connect with families that are looking for care. You can post your specific needs or services which allows you to find a great fit. Facebook messages are much faster than using daycare bear or other sites that are often out of date.

Child Care Resources and Referrals

If you would like to find a list of registered child care facilities or more information about your child care options, visit the ccrr (Child Care Resources and Referrals) site. This site has many useful resources for parents seeking childcare and for providers offering child care services. This organization inspects and registers individual child care facilities and refers parents to daycares in their area.

What you need to know about home daycare

A website that has plenty of information about looking for a home daycare and what to expect.

Daycare Bear 

Daycare Bear is a site that connects parents and childcare providers. You can search for childcare providers who have spaces available in your area.

Fraser Health Public List of Licensed Daycares

This is an old list of licensed daycares from 2014 but many of these daycares are still in operation.

Ministry of Education & Fraser Health 

Visit the Ministry of Education to find out about Child Care Regulations and rules for running a daycare or visit the Fraser Health site to find out about Child Care Regulations for British Columbia.

Subsidy Information

Some families may qualify for part of their childcare to be subsidized by the government. That subsidy is paid directly to the childcare provider and will vary depending on if you use in home care (nanny) or out of home care (family daycare, daycare centre.)

BC Government site to see if you qualify and apply online

Subsidy frequently asked questions PDF 

Subsidy and special needs supplements


Emergency Preparedness  

Emergency Preparedness Canada

Are you prepared for an emergency? The Canadian government suggests that you be prepared for at least 72 hours and that you should have an emergency kit ready to go. You will need first aid supplies, water and food to last for at least 2 days. Visit this website to start your preparations!

St.John Ambulance

If you would like more information on First Aid and CPR or would like to take a course, you can find information at the St.John Ambulance site.