Interviewing children age 3.5 and older

Philosophy of Childcare

The early years are an important time for growing children. At a time when they are developing so rapidly it is important to expose them to many new experiences and challenges to help them grow and gain confidence. I believe it is my job to support children in their intellectual, emotional and social growth by acting as a guide, teacher and playmate.

Inquiry Based Learning

Children will have plenty of time for formal education from kindergarten on. I believe the early years should be a time for play not “work.” For young children every day offers something new and exciting. Children learn best through exploring and playing and I am here to guide and encourage that learning by presenting activities and experiences that challenge their abilities and by paying attention to what interests them at any given moment and using that interest to learn about something new. Through our daily play we learn the alphabet, counting, colours and shapes.

Positive Social Skills

Preparing for school also means learning to interact positively with a group of other children as well as how to act in a school environment. At daycare your child learns how to play with others and form early friendships. At this age the focus is on sharing, inviting friends to play, using manners and communicating what we like and don’t like with words.

Importance of Outside Time

Children physically and psychologically need to regularly be exposed to fresh air, sunlight and nature to develop properly. Here we will spend time outdoors rain, snow or shine in our backyard and take frequent walks to local parks and playgrounds. Our exception to outdoor play is when we have an indoor physical activity planned that takes up a few hours, such as tot romp, or in unsafe storm weather.


Parents and Guardians 

For me to provide the best possible care for your child I believe it is important to have open communication with you! I will be here to tell you about our day, to send pictures of your child and their friends and to work with you to address any challenges we may face. Our daily communication comes in the form of face to face chats, and daily text messages if you want them. I want you to feel comfortable coming to me with any concerns you may have or if you would like to know more about your child’s day.