Interviewing children age 3.5 and older

We follow a flexible daily schedule that can include free play, story time, art, naps, outside play, walks to the park and daily planned activities. Our schedule will adapt to match the developmental needs of the children in care. In addition to our daily routine we also have special features throughout the year including:



Themes are a great way to bring organization and interest to activities. Using themes also helps children to make connections between new information and what they already know. We will be using various themes throughout the year with corresponding arts, games, songs and snacks where applicable. Parents will hear of upcoming themes in the parent newsletter. Themes may change depending on the interest of students but the rough outline is as follows:

January- Healthy Start (Nutrition, Doctors, Dentists, The Human Body)

February-Relationships (Love, Friendship, Family, Emotions)

March-Dinosaurs & Reptiles (Reptiles, Amphibians, Snakes, Dinosaurs)

April- Showers (Rain, Puddles, Mud, Clouds, Rainbows)

May- Flowers (Flowers, Seeds, Plants, Spring, Mother’s day)

June- Bugs (Insects, Spiders, Worms, Creepy Crawlies, Father’s day)

July- Summer (Summer, Camping, Sunshine, Canada Day)

August- Beach (Oceans, Beaches, Tide pools, Ocean life, Boats)

SeptemberAnimal Friends (Farms, Pets, Zoo Animals)

October- Autumn (Fall, Pumpkins, Halloween, Leaves, Forests) 

November/ December- Winter( Christmas, snow, winter)


Science and Nature 

I have always had a passion for the biological world and science and I love to share that joy and hopefully encourage that passion in others. It’s never to early to learn an appreciation for the sciences. We will explore the natural world through walks to the park, nature collections, microscope and magnifying glass usegardening and more! Nature is a part of our daily play.


I was raised by an artist and spent my childhood taking numerous art classes and creating with my mom and sister. I believe art is important for developing creativity and out of the box thinking. Art is also important for pre-writing, language and fine motor skills. We will spend time creating, crafting and playing with different materials.

Music & Dancing

We spend a large part of our day singing songs & listening to music. The children especially love when we sing during meals, walks in the stroller, diaper changes & rides on the swings. We love to listen to music and continually add to our large selection of children’s music. Most days we have at least one dance party and crank up the current favourite songs and just dance!

Family Fun

One benefit to using a small family daycare is that your child will receive individual attention in a warm family setting. When parents get a chance to be involved it makes the daycare-setting feel even more safe and welcoming, plus it’s a lot of fun for everyone! Through the year we will hold after-hours gatherings and invite family to participate. Parents or grandparents are also encouraged to participate in field trips. Join us for our end up summer family barbecue, Halloween party and other fun events.

Field Trips & Outings

The children and I will visit our local library to pick out books to go with our monthly theme and individual interests. We go to Strong Start we take walks to the parks and playgrounds, go for tot romp, and take a trip to the pumpkin patch in the fall.

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